the best natural foods

The best natural foods

The best natural foods may not always be what you think they are. Many foods that are widely considered to be "bad" or harmful - such as salt and salty foods, or foods rich in saturated fats and cholesterol - are both necessary and good for health.

At the same time, many harmful foods are widely touted as being "the best natural foods". These include, for example, milk and dairy products, breakfast cereals and polyunsaturated cooking oils. Some of these foods, like canola oil, are not even natural to begin with.

We need to examine foods more closely to understand which are truly health-promoting and which are harmful. And why so. Many people are confused because they are simply told "This is good" / "That is bad" but they are not told the reasons why. For example, they read in the newspapers that coffee or chocolates are "bad" and then that they are "good" and then bad again and good again...

Unfortuantely, when people get confused, they often end up taking harmful substances, like artificial sweeteeners, in the mistaken belief that such products are good for health.

Even salads, fruits and fruit juices can, in some situations, be harmful. It's tragic when people fall ill and suffer from taking what they wrongly believe to be "healthy foods".

Depth and detail

This website, The Best Natural Foods, will therefore look at foods in detail and in depth. Often, you will find more than one article on just a single food item. Different articles will discuss what the food is, how is it produced, what nutrients or harmful substances they contain, what beneficial or harmful effects they produce, and so on. This will give you a better understanding of which are, truly, the best natural foods and which are some of the most harmful foods.

The Best Natural Foods will also offer guidelines on quality selection. Because quality often makes a big difference. A good example is olive oil. The best quality olive oils are, without question, excellent for health. And utterly delicious too. But cheap, poor quality olive oils can be just as harmful - and awful tasting - as other types of cheap oils. How do you choose good quality? These are the sort of topics you will find here.

Also, some healthy foods, like umeboshi, a pickled plum, may not be familiar to many people. The Japanese are well familiar with it, but similar picked plums are also found in Chinese cuisine and yet not many Chinese know how to use it. If you are American or European, you will probably be even at a greater loss. This website will present tips, ideas and, where appropriate, recipes on how to use some of the best natural foods.

The best natural cures

Food is not just for enjoyment, however - even though the best natural foods should rightly be also the most delicious. I remember visiting the Santok jungle produce market in Kuching, Sawarak, East Malaysia back in 1994. I remember especially the bananas from the jungle. They were so fragrant, I had never enjoyed bananas like that before.

Food can also act as powerful medicine. In my study of macrobiotics, I have come across many amazing examples of people who recovered from serious illness, including advanced cancer, through changing their diets and eating good, natural foods.

It does not take a great deal of knowledge to achieve results. Even when I was new to macrobiotics, I achieved considerable success in helping people. I remember once, a friend's friend was in hospital, unable to eat anything. She kept vomiting any food that she tried to eat. The doctors gave her a special milk drink with so-called "complete nutrition" but she vomited that as well.

I suggested she try brown rice water. I did not even know if it would work. I merely suggested that she try. For the first time, she could eat something. She had to lie to the doctor that she took the special milk formula. She poured it down the sink! By the third day, she was discharged from hospital.

This website thus complements another website, The Best Natural Cures, which shall be launched later.

These two websites, in turn, have their origins in another website on natural cures and the best natural foods, which I started back in 2004. Unfortunately, I did not have a very good idea of how I wanted the website structured at that time and so over the years it grew and became messy and disorganised.

Over the years, I had also produced various other websites on related topics, such as one on trans fats and another on flu treatments. In order not to repeat myself, I would sometimes link articles to these other websites. So I already have quite a lot of information out there on the Internet. Do check them out.

I hope this new website offers better navigation, however, and makes it easier for you to find the information that you need, be it on natural foods or natural cures for various illnesses.

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